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Model Behaviour: Max Rendell

We caught up with the British model following his shoot in the June issue of Dazed & Confused

Max Rendell is the first male model in Dazed Digital's Model Behaviour series. Styled as an out-of-this-world character by Mattias Karlsson and photographed by Julia Hetta for his Dazed June issue editorial, the British model has walked for Jil Sander, Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, Dior Homme, Lanvin, Miharayasuhiro and Raf Simons.

Dazed Digital: What five things would you take into outer space?
Max Rendell: 
1. My girlfriend to keep me company.
2. An astronaut because I’d never be able to find my way home.
3. A slice of cheese to compare to the moon.
4. A camera.
5. Sunglasses as the sun would be blinding.

DD: Where is your favourite place on earth?
Max Rendell:
Sharm el Sheikh. The weather is amazing, the beaches are picture perfect and I’ve got great memories there!

DD: How was the shoot with Julia Hetta and Mattias Karlsson? Do you have a favourite memory from it?
Max Rendell:
At first I thought the clothing was a bit weird but it was a real fun shoot. My favourite memory of the shoot was having the pleasure of working with such nice people.

DD: What's been the greatest thing that's happened to you since you started modelling?
Max Rendell:
Meeting a variety of wonderful people from all over the world, my bookers and people referring to me as a model.

DD: Tell us something we wouldn't expect of you...
Max Rendell:
I am the fussiest eater anyone will ever meet. I hate any sauces on my food, I class cooked as burnt, I never used to like chips (except McDonalds), and worst of all I love corn on the cob but hate corn in a tin – that even confuses me.