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House of Holland x Superga

Dazed Digital chats to Henry as the Italian sneaker goes pop

House of Holland hooks up with Superga, with Henry plastering his cheeky prints all over the footwear and encouraging the Torino brand to unleash the flatform, a creeper-type thick sole, to a broader audience. A rolling collaboration set to run for seasons, Dazed Digital caught up with the teen girl-about-town's favourite during the line's tiki-bar themed launch, complete with an abundance of alcohol soaked pineapples. Talk of leopard print, flatforms and 50s furniture ensued.

Dazed Digital: This is an ongoing collaboration, we've just previewed A/W12, but tell us about the S/S 12 shoes that we can buy now...
Henry Holland:
There's a pastel colour palette, a bit of leopard and key prints we've done past and present. I just wanted it to be very obvious. We've done great show shoes with Charlotte Olympia, Nicholas Kirkwood and of course Atalanta Weller, though we do them ourselves now – and never actually put them into production. Everyone needs a pair of trainers, don't they?

DD: The flatform style is getting a lot of attention...
Henry Holland:
Yeah, the flatform, everyone’s going on about the flatform. It’s like a creeper sole isn’t it? It has a fashion edge and that’s our customer. Superga is a really great brand with great technical knowledge, manufacturing and distribution, so this project really makes sense for me.

DD: Tell us – the House of Holland, if it was a physical house, what would be in it?
Henry Holland:
Oh God, a lot of mess. All I’ve got in my head is a picture of the studio, and there’s just piles and piles of stuff everywhere.

DD: So nothing like [90s TV show] Fun House?
Henry Holland:
Actually, yeah, in a sense! We’ve got old sets from fashion films and shop installations in there, like these random vases. We’ve got a polystyrene Hollywood sign that Gary Card made for us to go in Selfridges, as well as a polystyrene Big Ben. It’s got a clock on it, but we’ve tied it on with string really shabbily. There's a Statue of Liberty too. My mum keeps buying loads of old 50s furniture for me but I don’t have a house big enough so I’m like ‘where the fuck am I supposed to put this?’ There’s lots of things around and the archives that you collect every season. We produce three sample collections now, one for Hong Kong, one for Australia and one for London/Europe. So I'm going to have to start giving some clothes away, aren’t I?

DD: Who'll get them?
Henry Holland:
The girls we like: the ones that get photographed!