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Giving the term 'double denim' a whole new meaning, the pair behind the specialist boutique talk shop

Denim is a practical feature of everyone's wardrobe. Raphael Madar and Sebastien Mejean’s precise knowledge of denim lead to the international expansion of Sojeans, the e-boutique which boasts a repertoire of 1,000 models from more than 75 brands available across all of Europe. Dazed caught up with the creative entrepreneurs to talk denim.

Dazed Digital: Can you tell us about your favourite pair of jeans?
Raphaël Madar: An old Levis 501 from 1989 that I recovered from my brother. My best and last memory was wearing them at a football game at college, when they tore during the game. I kept them for years afterwards.
Sébastien Mejean: When I was a teenager, I bought jeans from the brand Energy. For me I had found the perfect pair. It was on a straight fit, dark wash and a few holes. Unfortunately when I grew up, I became aware of the fact it was not so perfect!

DD: What are your favourite denim brands?
Raphaël Madar: Blue de Genes, a Danish designer inspired by the clothing of the sailors in the old harbour of Genoa, Denham, an authentic premium designer, based in Amsterdam, Edwin, a famous Japanese brand since 1947.
Sébastien Mejean: The brands I like are different. My job is to discover and promote new brands, so I’m often finding new surprises. I’ll admit that I particularly like Levis because it’s a major brand that keeps innovating, Diesel because of the beautiful washes, Unlimited because their color denims are great for men, and the detail of Denham.

DD: Do you hope to create your own denim brand?
Raphaël Madar: We would love to, however, we need to be humble as it’s the very beginning of the Sojeans adventure. We’re still a young start-up, but I’m confident this will happen in the coming years.
Sébastien Mejean: It’s more than an intention…

DD: Who are your top five iconic denim wearers?
Raphaël Madar: Harrison Ford, as he wore Wrangler jeans at his wedding to Calista Flockhart. Eva Mendez who modeled the new campaign for Calvin Klein Jeans in 2009. Kate Middleton, who kept her pair of J Brand jeans after her wedding. Michael Jordan, as he changed sneakers to loose denim after he retired. Marilyn Monroe, wearing a Lee denim jacket in John Huston's 'The Misfits', embodies feminine elegance. Barack Obama loves wearing jeans on Sunday: “For people who want a president to look great in tight jeans, I'm sorry. I'm a little frumpy." And finally, Georgia May Jagger's sensuous way of wearing her Hudson jeans.