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Photography by Daniel Sannwald. Styling by Robbie
Photography by Daniel Sannwald. Styling by Robbie Spencer.

Stephanie Tsang (London, UK)

Fashion speeds ahead with Stephanie Tsang’s space-age designs.

Sewing outfits for sindy dolls is how the london-based designer Stephanie Tsang initially began her career in fashion. She has since moved on from plastic toys to win the most creative designer accolade at the UK Urban Fashion Awards with her "Futureform" collection. Tsang describes her work as “free from traditional definitions and boundaries”, which is evident the moment you set eyes on her rigid, futuristic silhouettes. Incorporating technical fabrics within structural frames, her graphic shapes are strong enough to withstand the toughest of elements – blurring the boundaries between fashion and product design. Her tubular trousers epitomise Tsang’s imaginative approach to design. “Films like The Fifth Element, The Matrix and Total Recall are a big influence,” she explains. Her designs certainly wouldn’t look out of place as costumes for robots, aliens and extra-terrestrials alike. “I have to admit that I’m a bit of a techy,” she says of her fascination with technology. “I used to work in it before studying fashion.” Tsang’s obsession drives her to doing in-depth research on any technological advances in textiles. And, considering her flair for the experimental, it comes as no surprise that her dream is to one day dress Bjork.

How old are you? 
Too old to admit to...

How long have you been designing?
Since I made outfits for my Sindy dolls.

What nationality are you?

Where are you based?

How would you describe your work?
Free from traditional definitions and boundaries.  Without these restrictions designing is really fun.

Who do you make clothes for?
Anyone artistic enough to appreciate them.

How would you describe your designs/style?
Architectural, avant-guarde & eccentric.  This collection is very transformers robo-chic, but I wouldnt want to be pigeon-holed into this style all of the time.

What inspires you at the moment?
The future - as seen in my imagination and the predictions of others.

Were you interested in fashion when you were growing up?
I was more into anti-fashion.
What is your dream job?
Chocolate taster.
Who are your favourite designers and why? 
Hussein Chalayan and Gareth Pugh, I find their work intellectually stimulating.

Who do you imagine wearing your clothes/who would be your ideal customer?

Can we buy your collection anywhere?
No, contact if you are interested in commissioning any pieces. 

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
Involved in the research & development of smart clothing.

What are your plans for the future/ next season?
I’m considering doing a Masters.