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East London 2012: Martine Rose

The menswear designer talks about the state of east London...

The London-based menswear designer, who in February this year graduated from the MAN show to her very own LFW catwalk event, weighs into the debate on whether east London is dead or not...

Dazed & Confused: Who are you and what do you do for a living?
Martine Rose:
Martine Rose, menswear designer.

D&C: Where in east London are you based?
Martine Rose: Seven Sisters, actually.
D&C: What first attracted you to the area and how long have you been working here?
Martine Rose: My first studio was in Clerkenwell... it was cheap and felt industrial.

D&C: How has east London changed the most since you've been here? Why do you think that is?
Martine Rose: It went and grew up and got expensive... that's what happens in London it seems!

D&C: What is the most exciting part of your local creative community?
Martine Rose: People doing what they love fearlessly.

D&C: Has the area informed your creative work at all and if so, how?
Martine Rose: Only by virtue of being distinctly London, that's the most influence on my work.
D&C: Is it possible to say Silicon Roundabout aloud without laughing?
Martine Rose: I'm not laughing...
D&C: What's your favourite East End hangout?
Martine Rose: I used to hang out here a lot more, now my favourite hang outs are my mates houses/studios.
D&C: Does anything annoy you about the area? If so, what?
Martine Rose: The bullying of the original residents, to make them feel completely marginalised... Broadway Market... I mean, that's just annoying!
D&C: What are you going to do during the Olympics – stay or flee? Why?
Martine Rose: I'd like to think that I would flee, but I'll probably be here muttering and cussing under my breath.
D&C: Is east London dead?
Martine Rose: To who?

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