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EXCLUSIVE: Henrik Vibskov Film

We premiere a film about the Danish designer and learns more about his eponymous book collating his archives

Danish designer Henrik Vibskov is known for his disregard of disciplines and doing what feels right, weaving a charming, weird world seen through his clothes, art and music – a big part of his drive. Now the creative has collected his archive into an eponymous tome published by Gestalten. You could call it a concept album. Dazed Digital caught up with the designer to talk about the space between his ears...

Dazed Digital: Your work goes far beyond fashion. Do you try to remain oblivious to preconceptions of genre or convention?
Henrik Vibskov:
I don't really have to try, that's the way I tick.

DD: Performance and environment is a big part of your clothing...
Henrik Vibskov:
Hmmm... I like to speak to all senses in all matters . I want it to be an overall experience that people see, hear, feel – who knows, maybe someday even taste. Just like it would be a bit boring to go to a concert if you couldn’t see any musicians playing.

DD: Do you want to keep the world dreaming?
Henrik Vibskov:
Not necessarily, I rather want the world to be more awake while awake.

DD: What keeps you motivated?
Henrik Vibskov:
My brain.

DD: Has compiling this book brought back any memories?
Henrik Vibskov:
Lots of memories – and photos which I had tried to forget. [Laughs]. No actually it was pretty interesting, I had to find a way to categorise the photos and started looking at colour groups of my projects. I found out that there was a system – so no more red-pink projects for a while. I did a lot of minty stuff but I'm pretty low on proper green.

DD: Tell us about drumming for Trentemøller. What is it about drumming you love? Have you played in many bands along the way?
Henrik Vibskov:
I have been playing music since I was around 130cm tall, now nearly 30 years ago. And I've been in various indie/electronic/shoegazer bands – the drum is a powerful instrument, very multi-layered; maybe one of the first instruments on earth. Plus dancing and drumming are strongly connected in cultures. So – never mess with a drummer.

'Henrik Vibskov' is published by Gestalten