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EXCLUSIVE: Rag & Bone Film

Pioneering depth imaging reduced the venue to graphics at Marcus Wainright and David Neville's A/W12 show

Rag & Bone's Autumn/Winter 12 shows rested on a large audio/video element: a 14 foot LED wall, to be precise... "The idea was to create an installation that would show the audience the show’s space through a new perspective," explain the label's Marcus Wainright and David Neville. "The venue was Pier 57, a massive former naval building which is in a state of industrial decay. A pioneering depth imaging technique developed over the past year by James George and Alexander Porter was used. 

"We were introduced to them through videographer Adam Humphreys, who was responsible for the video’s concept and production. He had seen the guys' video documenting an event called Art Hack Day. The guys are really innovative and were great to work with."

Using a RED Scarlet digital video camera coupled with a depth-sensor, photographer Porter and media artist George scanned the raw concrete floors and vibrant yellow pillars at Pier 57, creating a 3D version of the captured data that distorts the physical reality into a virtual. Low-fi effects from the depth sensor result in the jittery oscillation of surfaces while fixed objects appear to shudder and vibrate.

A non-literal riff on the collection in many ways, which was another graphic surface. Though the clothes employed repetition and contrast, hinting at ethnic through styling and the cutting of contrasting panels.

"We’ve never been interested in chasing trends. We’re evolving and expanding all the time – we can’t wait to open our first flagship store in London this summer – but it remains important to stay true to Rag & Bone’s initial values, based on caring about quality garments and ensuring that everything we make has a sense of integrity to it."