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EXCLUSIVE: Roark S/S12 Film

The LA-based menswear label presents 'Wind', a Michael Rothman-directed film showcasing its S/S12 collection

With a Roark collection inspired by the struggle and triumph that comes with the evolution of self, it was intuitive that director Michael Rothman should elaborate on the concept for his short. Dazed Digital learnt more about it from the man himself.

"The underlying narrative for the video 'Wind' was to illustrate the struggle and grace that comes with personal growth, the willingness to accept challenges and do what it takes to overcome them. The film is a reminder that the struggle to overcome obstacles is not only an individual one, but a collective one which unites us in our humanity – I feel it personifies all that is true about Roark and the collective behind the label. The product flows as though models are in mid-air, weightless, sometimes in freefall trying to maintain equilibrium."