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Raun Larose

Nostalgia and striking paneled designs form the basis in the NYC designer's Transformers-inspired S/S12 collection

The sharpness of 'Optimus Prime', the Spring Summer 2012 collection from Brooklyn-based menswear designer Raun Larose, derives from the designer's obsession with Transformers, giving the collection a sense of masculine force and strength. Initially influenced by his seamstress mother, he's still gathering pace, but was given a boost last year when referred to by Vogue Italia as 'Fashion's Future'...

"Last season, superheroes were a big part of the inspiration of the collection. For autumn, anime - which was a fond memory growing up - ignited a lot of elements. 'Optimus Prime', who lead the Autobots in the anime series Transformers, is the perfect title to this collection. Working with structural silhouettes and paneling shapes that are found in my classic jacket reinforced the inspiration.

As neoprene had become the key fabric in prior seasons, boucle, felt, and metallic added a wider range to the almost tri-colour palette. Also new this season was the collaboration with stylist Raul Guerrero. Raul x Raun Larose was an idea that was developed simply to cater to the modern-working-young-man in a more forward light. This collaboration consists of three pieces (turtleneck snood, briefcase tote, and belt fanny pack) that serve as accessories, but most importantly brings a sense of multi-functionality."