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Model Behaviour: Patricia van der Vliet

We chat to the Dutch model about closing the Fendi show and shopping in Milan

Hailing from the Netherlands, Patricia van der Vliet has been photographed by Willy Vanderperre, Sharif Hamza, Cedric Buchet, Daniel Jackson, Steven Meisel and Alasdair McLellan, appearing in campaigns for the likes of Balenciaga, Burberry Black Label and Sonia Rykiel. She has walked in over fifteen shows – so far! – for Autumn/Winter 12, her look coveted by designers from Ohne Titel and Calvin Klein, to Fendi where she closed.

Dazed Digital: How has your fashion week been so far?
Patricia van der Vliet: So far it has been great! Perfectly pasted, doing great shows, love the fact that in general people spend 15 minutes max on styling my hair nowadays and it's just so much fun to see everybody again! 

DD: Any highlights?
Patricia van der Vliet: Closing the Fendi show!

DD: What have you worn so far that you've loved?
Patricia van der Vliet: The dress plus coat I wore for the McQ show in London!! But I'm such an Alexander McQueen lover. I simply love every single piece of clothing they make.

DD: What's the plan for tonight?
Patricia van der Vliet:
Tonight? I just finished my day for today so I guess I'm going for a nice dinner with my mum in the hotel. Yes, laziness has caught up on me. I blame the fashion weeks. Afterwards I'll get a couple of good hours of sleep whilst I can.

DD: And tomorrow?
Patricia van der Vliet: Tomorrow is a pretty mellow day for me. Only a couple of castings and fittings. So I'll be out in Milan shopping!