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Insider Access: Karen Langley – Milan Day One

High-octane and well-placed disco in our first Milan report from Dazed's Fashion Director

Karen Langley is Dazed & Confused's Fashion Director. Working on editorial, campaigns and catwalks internationally, this season she has notched up catwalk styling credits for Todd Lynn and Mark Fast's shows in London. In Paris Langley will work on Peachoo + Krejberg...

Dazed Digital: How is it in Milan?
Karen Langley:
It's quite funny you know, you come in from London or Paris and the entire flight is packed – you could do a show at the airport. You almost need to be dressed to the nines to get on the plane...

DD: Tell us about Gucci...
Karen Langley:
I really enjoyed it. It spelt out what the brand's about and felt luxurious and Italian but with an international feel – that unmistakable Gucci girl attitude. I was watching Aymeline and when she wore it you really believed the story. Collection wise, there were a lot of layered textures, print and embellishment; velvet and embroidery. It was a really accomplished show.

DD: What's your favourite thing about Milan?
Karen Langley
: There's something about Milan – when you're going to a show it really feels like a fashion show. You get the sense you could go back years and it would still feel like that. It's traditional, the music is boom boom boom, and the casting has its identity. I enjoy the theatre of it all with the uber-Italian brands. I'm looking to be inspired: wow me.

It's quite amazing when more times than not they do. For sure with Gucci, Fendi or Cavalli you want that high-octane fashion experience. I also bumped into Marcelo Burlon at No.21 and he was saying he did the music at the show. For me it was all about the finale – 'Love is a Battlefield', a nice disco tune to end the day on.

DD: What are you looking forward to tomorrow?
Karen Langley:
Prada. Even just getting the invite today gave me goosebumps. Fendi I'm looking forward to as well. Then I'll race back to London to go to Paris the crack of dawn the following day.