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Mary Katrantzou Womenswear A/W12

The print maverick pushes her loud colour palette further into digital terrain

Master of the illusory digital print, Mary Katrantzou knows a thing or two about trompe l'oeil. For the past six seasons we have had swirling florals, Italian landscapes, refracted chandelier crystals and once again she doesn't disappoint. An outlandish and eye popping collection built around realistic digi-prints of a garden maze, spoons, clocks, watches, a typewriter and a pencil and eraser. Where Katrantzou really excels though, is in the structure of her garments and the mirroring of the visuals. She is a designer who thinks very precisely about where her prints fall.

This season was all about proportion, experimentation and silhouette as Katrantzou worked with shape and volume to really highlight her skills. Alongside the signature lampshade shape dresses, she has brought in long round-shoulder sweaters, column pants, cigarette trousers, babydoll dresses and Victorian style corsets. Known for treating her work like art, these are pieces that will be exhibited in many a wardrobe for seasons to come.