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Insider Access: Katie Shillingford - NYC Day Seven

Dazed's Senior Fashion Editor talks reinvention, Bart Simpson and thumping soundtracks...

Katie Shillingford is Dazed & Confused's Senior Fashion Editor. A born and bred Londoner, she is a longtime collaborator and stylist of her friend Gareth Pugh. Shillingford works on catwalks, campaigns and editorials internationally.

Dazed Digital: What did you enjoy today?
Katie Shillingford: Proenza Schouler was an exciting show today. There had been a few comments on the way out about its similarities to Balenciaga but nonetheless I think it was a great show that felt tight. Everything worked very well together and it had a great energy. The thumping Cyberdog soundtrack set a really strong and fast pace! The first section consisted of all-white looks on brunettes which I loved. The casting was perfect and I loved this use of very cool, strong brunettes in these pure white looks – Meghan, Marte, Aymeline, Kati.

The strong colour looks that came later in oranges and blues were beautiful and I loved the heroin-chic hair and makeup, very natural but a clammy glow and slightly brownish tone under the eye. Kimono wrap dresses, oversize sweaters loosely tucked into skirts at the centre front, rich mix and match textures and the embroidered bird/peacock jackets that reminded me a little of Ryan Gosling's Scorpion jacket in Drive. It's on my brain as I saw it on the plane over here! J. Mendel had a similar all-white section in the beginning of his show too and I liked that he opened and closed with the Dazed cover girl of the moment Kati Nescher – who we of course love. The gold and bronze stilettos, fur-lined totes and doctoresque women's briefcases were good.

DD: Anything else that caught your eye?
Katie Shillingford: Victoria by Victoria Beckham was another highlight as it's always so exciting to see the woman herself. I just think she's incredible, I really admire how she's completely reinvented herself from Spice Girl to credible international fashion designer. This line is great; very cool, simple everyday – clean and feminine. The banana heeled boots were not only killer high sexy but a more directional twist. She is good at putting things together and in this case it's the dream team she has put behind the label. She's certainly a very clever girl!

Speaking of inspiring people, we saw Willem Defoe at the Miu Miu screening of The Woman Dress last night, directed by his wife Giada Colagrande. It was a fun gathering. Mia Wasikowska was looking gorgeous. Jeremy Scott was fun today. The face jewellery and Kabuki's make up was really great... Plus I love the Bart Simpson print and flares! The rave anthems woke us up a bit too.

DD: What about the mood of the season – do you see that shaping up?
Katie Shillingford: I think there'll be a lot of fur, real and fake. At Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at the Lincoln Centre, Michael Kors this morning saw luxurious head-to-toe fur and the hats were a little along the Marc Jacobs vein. J. Mendel also celebrated fur.

DD: Is there anything you're looking forward to shooting?
Katie Shillingford: Those Marc Jacobs hats! I can't stop talking about them! I haven't yet got enough of a feel for the season, I don't have a firm idea of what's to come but something's brewing.

DD: What are you looking forward to tomorrow?
Katie Shillingford: Calvin Klein collection and Ralph Lauren and going home! It's only the beginning but I feel anxious about the shows I'm working on styling. I like the balance of watching shows and working on shows –I'm craving some creative input.