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Insider Access: Noah Shelley - NYC Day Six

Dazed's casting director on Preen, leaving the city and looking forward to London

Noah Shelley of AM Casting is the casting director for Dazed & Confused. Based in New York, he keeps us updated with the freshest faces and strongest girls, as well as working on catwalk shows and campaigns internationally across New York, London, Milan and Paris. Here, we get the lowdown on his NYCFW experiences...

Dazed Digital: Where are you at the moment?
Noah Shelley: I'm sitting on a plane to London. Since we last talked Iʼve done another handful of shows, celebrated our end of NYC show week with my assistants, made sure to spend Valentine's Day with my GF and barely squeezed in enough time to pack! It's amazing this time of year, you wake up on the first day of fashion week looking at the work ahead and then you find that you have barely blinked and it's over.

DD: Best moment so far?
Noah Shelley: Champagne and lobsters last night for Valentine's Day? The last show I had in NYC was Preen on the 13th, one of our oldest clients and just one of my absolute favourite shows to work on. I think this season they had one of their all-time best shows. It was a great high to end on. Work wise its been a really positive season. It's had the usual ups and downs, but the end results have been overwhelmingly encouraging and satisfying.

As a casting director its really important to enjoy the clients (friends really) that you work with. And I have nothing but high praise for the people I spent this week with. I also got to have loads of fun with my newest friends Poppy and Hank! They are the children of Preen's show producer Juliette Larthe and all time legend Jason Pierce, so basically they are both little mini geniuses and are too much fun to hang with! I had them colouring and drawing on some model's cards and posing with the models.

DD: Who's had a good NY season?
Noah Shelley: At this point, Kati Nescher is definitely in the lead. Not to sound like a sports commentator, but her show stats are pretty heavy! And hey, we have her on one of our four March covers devoted to hot new girls!

DD: What are you beginning to work on now?
Noah Shelley: We have some non-show casting right now. That doesnʼt really stop just because it's show season. So basically busy, busy. For example we just got to put one of my heroes Kim Gordon in a project this week! And then/now it's on to MORE shows!

DD: Are you looking forward to London?
Noah Shelley:
My business partner Angus has our team setting up and I pretty much get off the plane and go straight to work. London is nuts because of its placement between the end of NYC and the start of Milan so everyone works incredibly hard in a really small window of time.

This means that not all the girls come to London, but that doesnʼt mean we donʼt find gems. Marte Mei van Haaster started her season last Fall in London! I'm looking forward to all our shows of course. Erdem is a new one this season and should be exciting as he is a great guy and makes beautiful clothes – and we are really happy to be a part of the new Pringle of Scotland team with all of the excitement coming out of that house right now.

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