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Insider Access: Katie Shillingford - NYC Day Five

Dazed's Senior Fashion Editor tells us about those Marc Jacobs hats...

Katie Shillingford is Dazed & Confused's Senior Fashion Editor. A born and bred Londoner, she is a longtime collaborator and stylist of her friend Gareth Pugh. Shillingford works on catwalks, campaigns and editorials internationally.

Dazed Digital: How is New York for you so far?
Katie Shillingford: It's been very exciting although I've only just done the last couple of days. I got in yesterday morning and did six shows at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and a dinner and party! Tonight the Marc Jacobs show was a real buzz. It was a goosepimples moment when I saw all those amazing Stephen Jones hats of various shapes, sizes, colours and furs – mink, beaver, fox, goat. And the witch loafers too. The set, by artist Rachel Feinstein, was beautiful as well.

The girls came down stairs into a paper cut-out world and then wound round a path featuring an abstract fountain with mirrors. Beyond that, this season there does seems to be a lot of colour going on – I think it's rubbed off on me already as tonight I wore a shocking pink top with bright red lipstick.

DD: What else were today's hightlights?
Katie Shillingford:
I really enjoyed Donna Karan too. It reminded me of Dick Tracy – the gangsters who bury people alive in cement wearing oversized suits. Lots of deconstructed and reworked grey pinstripes and mini trilbys worn at a jaunty angle. I also loved the red eye make-up. Red on the eye seems to be a reccuring theme this season – there was gloss red at Ohne Titel.

Thom Browne is always a catwalk theatrics moment and he didn't disappoint today – I liked the Edward Scissorhands spooky soundtrack that accompanied the girls out of their coffins! There were some really great structured silhouettes. And MIA's Bad Girls, one of my favourite records of the moment, cropped up at Theyskens' Theory. I loved that.

DD: Do you document pieces you like? Or does it all stay in your head?
Katie Shillingford:
I've been trying to take pics but with the different lighting set ups it can be a bit hit and miss. I suppose for me collections remind me of something – I link to an image or a film or something else. I've also been jotting down notes on my BlackBerry. I wish I could tell you I do beautiful sketches at every show...

DD: Are you meeting any photographers whilst in NY?
Katie Shillingford:
Today I was sitting next to Josh Olins at Ohne Titel so we had a quick catch-up. And yesterday I saw Ryan McGinley and we had a little chat. We shot the campaign for Edun with all the butterflies and it's in the back of the taxis in NYC at the moment. At the party this evening, I caught up with Dazed's Creative Director, Chris Simmonds, and Sara Hemming of David James Associates, who art direct AnOther.

I had a meeting with Kannon, the casting director who works on Altuzarra and also Versus and Gareth Pugh with me. So we had a quick briefing about Gareth's upcoming show in Paris. Finally I ran into Nicola Formichetti – I assisted him when I started at Dazed. He said he was going to hack Dazed Digital for his Tumblr event on Wednesday night. So beware!

DD: What are you looking forward to tomorrow?
Katie Shillingford:
Rodarte. I interviewed the girls a few years ago and they always have a facinating story behind the collection and very unique reference points. I'm also looking forward to the Miu Miu event in the evening. I'm constantly amazed by Mrs Prada's genius.