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Thom Browne Womenswear A/W12

Women waking from a dream by the spectacular tailor

Thom Browne showed a collection of black veiled brides in his signature spectacular manner. He transformed the Edna R Solomon Room of the the New York Public Library into a spooky, coffin-filled den full of silver lipped beauties dressed in shades of black and white.

Dazed Digital: What kind of story are you telling this season?
Thom Browne: The story was about women waking up and dreaming, and illustrating a fantasy and dream world they are seeing. 

DD: What was your inspiration for the setting?
Thom Browne: Details such as, in this case, using coffins, are often derived from the environment and the setting of the space I choose. The idea of women 'waking' up from a dream came together early on before deciding on the venue. But once I was sure about using that space, because of the wood panelled walls and old paintings, I thought that it would be more visually interesting to have them wake up from these coffins rather than cots or beds.  

DD: Who provided the coffins and props for the show?
Thom Browne: We had them made. I work with a set and props company whom I've worked with since I started doing shows.

DD: What kind of directions do you give the models?
Thom Browne: For these types of shows, it's very important to give them the overall idea and concept. So we spend a lot of time rehearsing.  In this particular case, explaining to them about them being in a fantasy and dream world.  

DD: How do you feel a theatrical presentation enhances your collection?
Thom Browne: In the end, it is about the clothes. But I do want the shows and presentations to be memorable and entertaining, and be shown in a context that enhances the overall concept of the collection.