Gareth Pugh Spring/Summer 2007

Backstage at Gareth Pugh's SS07 London show.

The atmosphere back stage at Gareth Pugh was at first calm and then, within a matter of seconds, frantic as we were told '5 minutes now' and no one was dressed. Models sobbed tears of pain as the infamous Eugene and his super-team strung up their hair into immaculate checkerboard weave ponytails. Gimp masks were zipped up and only tiny pinhole-sized eyeholes were cut to see out of by Alex Box, who adorned gimp masks with chunky, futuristic, cubist shapes and tattoo-esque patterns. Although breathing holes were a no-go.

Meanwhile, tiny triangles of shiny patent leather PVC that made up a robot-esque creature of the future were polished by Pugh’s 'Santa’s little helpers', using a handy can of Mr. Sheen. Judy Blame arrived in style with his black plastic buttons, chains, pins and bin bags to ornament Gareth's androgynous unearthly line-up. Killer spikes and sex shoes were put on girls and boys to complete the vision, but only after the models were told about the moving fabric runway! 'Remember to take a big first step so you don't trip', set designer Simon Costin quickly mentioned before the count down. As the 12 fearful girls and boys embarked on this almost impossible feat, barely able to see, breathe or walk down the 20 ft floating catwalk, nerves were rife. Luckily and miraculously, not one of these creatures fell, stumbled, or tripped. But as soon as it was over they screamed and shouted, tore off their outfits and fled. No one said it was going to be easy but it was a success nonetheless!