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Andrea Crews S/S 09

The Jeu de Paume was trasnformed into a boob fest that surprisingly made you look at the clothes as well.

"I think everybody can be ready for beautiful boobs!" Andrea Crews got it half right because initially as a girl from Andrea Crews' crew was escourting people to their places in an assymetrical black draped dress that exposed an entire breast, people did not know whether to wince or laugh. Still she was so carefree in her attitude that it set the tone for Andrea Crews' show held at the Jeu de Paume museum. So a troop of galatical amazonian women came storming down the catwalk, dressed in tassled and string creations that covered very little and revealed plenty of beautiful boobs. Despite there being so much flesh on show, you did end up looking at the hair/fringed capes, the string jersey suits and the gold chunky belts that masqueraded as skirts (perhaps in French, they also use that same turn of phrase about miniskirts looking like belts). The more covered up pieces featured loud prints, basic sweatshirts that are transformed and dresses with sequin and geometric panels. Though Andrea Crews is primarily known for vintage clothing reinvigoration, the collection was actually more of a transformation of existing garments, rather than old ones, turning basic t-shirts into string cleavage-enhancing bikinis for example and only two pieces from the collection were born out of vintage clothes. So perhaps Andrea Crews, despite wanting to be known as a fashion activist is actually beginning not to feel guilty about making some cash from her fashion antics. That's of course dependent on whether people are ok about some bare booby jiggling and after the show, on this night, a few probably would have loved to join the parade.