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Celine S/S 09

Ivana Omazic produced her final collection for Celine and she didn't go out with a whimper.

It was a last hurrah for Ivana Omazic at Celine and she wasn't about to go out without a bang. Yes, Phoebe Philo's arrival is being anticipated with baited breath but credit where credit is due, Omazic's S/S 09 collection "Triban Tropolis" had intention and purpose to it. The focus on accessories was very strongly felt. Specifically the giant cut-out wedges that looked like tetris blocks had been sliced and spliced within the wedge made an impact as well as the jewellery which included plexiglass giant rings around the neck, edged with silver and a play on the pearl necklace which was always Omazic's intention at Celine to bring undeniable luxury to the brand. The clothes included multiple plays on sheer and prints were watercoloured giant streaks that made dressed look like they were seeped in ink. There was an illustration element that along with the plexiglass jewellery made explosive ensembles and veered away a little from the classicism associated with Celine.
Naturally, Ozamic was emotional after the show: "I'm extremely happy and serene because I received so much love, support at Celine. It is a special moment for me."