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Missoni Menswear A/W12

Angela Missoni brought out a busy mishmash of patterned knits with an Anglophile feel

You go into a Missoni show knowing one thing and one thing only. There will be great knitwear. Everything else is a bonus. Luckily, you often leave bonused out, because Angela Missoni knows a thing or two about the rest of the male wardrobe as well. Particularly, how to cut a casual suit jacket. Using the knitted threads her family have become synonymous with, and adding her excellent sense of colours with subtle patterns, the outcome is a busy but never loud mishmash of zigzags.

Missoni staple pieces like double-breasted jackets, cashmere cardigans and zipped polo shirts this time around shared the stage with a more Anglophile take on menswear. Parkas, duffel coats and Harrington jackets added an, at least for Angela, exotic touch to the Sunday lunchtime show. To up the casual sportswear levels, puffa jackets, anoraks and gilets were added to the line up. All this in burgundy, brown, green, purple and light red tones on a grey and blue background. A pleasure, as always.

Dazed Digital: What's the main purpose of this collection?
Angela Missoni:
I'm continuing to build on my Missoni wardrobe, every season we added pieces.

DD: What did you add this time around?
Angela Missoni:
Classic outerwear pieces like the duffel coat and Harrington jackets. And moccasins!

DD: Any other pieces that you have worked extra hard on?
Angela Missoni:
The checks. We have developed new checks and 'Missonied' existing ones. 

DD: What inspired you?
Angela Missoni:
There is a clear hint of mods in there. I was inspired by Britain, I've always felt close to the UK due to out knitwear. I like the English eccentricity. There is an attraction there for me.

DD: Do you have a favourite piece this season, something that sums up the mood?
Angela Missoni:
I love the cropped jackets, the Harrington blousons!