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Emporio Armani Menswear A/W12

Giorgio sent out an elegant and smart collection using monochrome graphics, velour and accessories of capes, low-slung hoods and oversized berets

The young and suave Emporio man is all set for next winter as well. Giorgio Armani took no chances but didn't disappoint with his Sunday morning show. As usual, grey and black dominated but - if anything - this was less streety than normal. Suits and coats - all in Giorgio's typical loose and comfy style - seemed to be his preferable male look. Armani is a master of making accessories play the role of clothes and for A/W12 this was visible in the scarves which came either slung as hoods or wrapped around the models like capes. Also his hats, most notably the oversized berets, impressed.

Cleverly, Armani sent out a handful of female models alongside the boys, as to show a realistic vision of what the EA clothes really look like, among other people and outside the Armani Casa. Velour was undoubtedly the 'Fabric of the Season, as proved by countless slim suits and loosely cut coats in said material. The only real colour to make a catwalk appearance was burgundy and a few stripey tops in blackĀ and white offered the only graphic solution. That said, this was an elegant and smart collection, at least compared to previous casual and youth orientated shows. The Emporio Armani boy has grown up, he's now a man...