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Dazed Time Capsule Auction: Gary Card

Donated by friends and family, Dazed and Ebay are this week auctioning 34 pieces of memorabilia from the magazine's 20 year long history, and giving all the profits to Oxfam

For the 20th anniversary issue of Dazed & Confused, we got in touch with our extended family of collaborators, and asked them to send us the one object they felt best represented their last two decades, for the purpose of constructing a 'time capsule'. Upon deciding to hand over the contents to our readers, as well as fashion, art, and culture enthusiasts across the world, we set up shop with Ebay, and chose Oxfam to benefit from the money raised. The auction runs from November 20-27, 2011. We are auctioning 34 pieces of memorabilia in total, with generous participants ranging from international fashion designers to Dazed’s very own home grown talents.

London based set designer and illustrator, Gard Card, has worked with a long list of talents including Stella McCartney, Hermes and Comme des Garcons; and was also responsible for creating the space at the much talked about concept store, LN-CC. He has recently made the transition in to the world of art, and has selected one of his new pieces for Dazed's time capsule, today’s highlight. He said: “Dazed, masking tape and me go back a long way. In fact, the first thing I ever made for Dazed was with the stuff so it seemed appropriate to return to the material for the anniversary. What could be more fitting for a time capsule than a suffocating man gasping for air for eternity? I loved the idea of him glowing underground forever with no one to see him.”

More info on the Dazed Ebay auction HERE