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Denim & Supply: Metronomy

US label Ralph Lauren celebrates the launches of their Denim & Supply stores with exclusive livestreams of intimate gigs for fans across the world

This Autumn, Polo Ralph Lauren will be launching ‘The Warehouse Roadshow’ music platform from their new Denim & Supply label - created to celebrate the worldwide rollout of the standalone stores, whilst promoting emerging bands. The live music platform will run as a series of events, streamed online for fan interaction and include collaborations with up and coming musical acts across the globe.

In chilly Amsterdam last week, Metronomy performed an intimate gig for hardcore dedicated fans who had won the exclusive competition to see them play, marking the opening of the first Denim & Supply store in Europe. This comes as the first in the series of events where for each gig, there will be Facebook competitions for fans to win the chance to be flown out to see their favourite band play, as well as a documentary of the series. We spoke to the band about what's good in Metronomy-town ahead of their new album...

Dazed Digital: So is this your first time Amsterdam? If not, what's been your greatest memory... or non-memory?
No we played here last year, and the year before... 
Joe Mount: I dunno really, I think when we first came here it was this horrible Vice party thing, it was next to this prison and we took pictures of us in front of it and then we looked at them afterwards, and we could see like, all these people's arses – so that’s probably my greatest memory, being mooned by in-mates…

DD: You're just back from a US tour? How was that experience?
Joe Mount:
It was a mixture of things, biggest tour and best attended we’d ever done so that was great.
Gbenga Adelekan: 'Cause we were driving a lot of it, you’d play like Vancouver and drive for 2 or 3 hours afterwards, then the next day you'd get up at 8 or 9am and drive for hours again…
Anna Prior: The scenery was wonderful though.
Gbenga Adelekan: Yeah, in the States it's like super fans, fans who've been into Metronomy for a long time – it's the most we've had people who’ve called out for songs for us to play!

DD: What can we expect from your gig tonight? And future live shows?
Joe Mount: Denim. Double denim. Triple denim. We’ve only done one web-cast before... We also get a week and a half off from tomorrow, so tonight is the end of a lot of touring – so hopefully will a bit more g’ed up. Part of the reason we’re doing this was that in Amsterdam, our shows are always booked quite late and the crowds are a bit strange, but tonight we expect a lot of handsome people in denim…

DD: There are also some mad fans flown out here for this?
Yeah, it was a really nice thing we found out today – six people from all over like America etc - we met them all earlier, they're all really nice, it's nice to meet the fans.

DD: None of them are mental?
We met them and they’re really normal – hanging out! Talking about Metronomy...

DD: Are you not working on remixes so much anymore?
Metronomy: Not really, there’s not the time really – I did so many that I’d rather do more production – more involved with the people directly for the songs than step back. If I do anymore now it’d just be if ti was ridiculous to turn down …

DD: Anyone you'd still want to collaborate with?
Joe Mount: There’s no one really, though I used to think to myself, say, in fact – Andre 3000 and maybe Kanye West but now I’ve gone off it. It's a bit like meeting your heroes. Tinie Tempah? Dappy?

DD: What are you listening to in your own time?
Anna Prior: I really like a band called Twin Sister, they’re on Domino – I always like bands on Domino... the album's quite disco, then changes halfway through to more guitar rock'n'roll stuff.
Joe Mount: We’ve been touring with this band Gross Magic – they’re a lot of fun, they're teenage boys. They were saying how they were playing this song that sounds like 'Yellow' - it's got the same groove, but apparently someone at a show shouted out ‘Rolling Stones!’ and he said, 'No it’s Yellow, we’re ripping off Yellow!’

DD: What are you most excited about in 2012?
Metronomy: The end of the world? Having been touring so much, I'm just genuinely excited to see people I haven’t seen in years. Some nice cooking. And the end of the world, of the Mayan calendar. Playing Coachella. Non music-wise, new series of Game of Thrones, series 3 of Walking Dead. 50th series of Top Gear.