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Dazed Time Capsule Auction: Luis Venegas

Donated by friends and family, Dazed and Ebay are from this Sunday auctioning 34 pieces of memorabilia from the magazine's 20 year long history, and giving all the profits to Oxfam

For the 20th anniversary issue of Dazed & Confused, we got in touch with our extended family of collaborators, and asked them to send us the one object they felt best represented their last two decades, for the purpose of constructing a 'time capsule'. Upon deciding to hand over the contents to our readers, as well as fashion, art, and culture enthusiasts across the world, we set up shop with Ebay, and chose Oxfam to benefit from the money raised. The auction runs from November 20-27, 2011. We are auctioning 34 pieces of memorabilia in total, with generous participants ranging from international fashion designers to Dazed’s very own home grown talents.

Combining two of his favourite things: magazines and pop culture, publisher Luis Venegas has chosen to donate his 1972 issue of Harpers Bazaar featuring music legend Barbra Streisand on the cover. His statement resonated so much with Dazed that we selected him as today’s highlight. He said: “In my opinion, nothing can beat the magical power of printed publications – you can go back to the past and create your own fantasy. This specific issue of American Harpers Bazaar was published years before I was even born... Barbra Streisand is gracing the cover and pages inside.”

More info on the Dazed Ebay auction HERE