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20 + 20 Covers Project by Rankin

The December issue of Dazed & Confused boasts 20 different covershots by co-founder Rankin, featuring the likes of Kate Moss, Pharrell Williams, Chloe Sevigny, Eva Green and Alicia Keys

Today on Dazed Digital we premiere four of the 20 exciting new covers shot by the magazine's co-founder and photographer Rankin, in an explosive finale to Dazed & Confused’s 20th Anniversary celebrations. The series of 20 covers have been shot for the upcoming December issue, featuring portraits of 20 iconic cover stars from Dazed’s past, including Kate Moss, Pharrell Williams, Chloe Sevigny, Eva Green and Jarvis Cocker. Each unique cover has a gatefold pull out, which features 20 rising stars chosen by each celebrity, as a portrait of pop culture heroes of the future. Each issue also includes a series of interviews where Dazed speaks to the legendary names featured, including PJ Harvey, Damien Hirst, Bjork, and Pharrell Williams, alongside with new young stars such as Little Dragon, Jamie Woon, S.C.U.M, and Josephine de la Baume. In addition, each shoot and interview has been filmed for a series of webisodes, which will be premiered on

The new Dazed & Confused issue is on sale Thursday November 17, 2011. See an exclsuive preview of the 20 covers on