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Ashish x Topshop

Jackie Collins and 80s ski instructors inspired the London-based designer's latest collection for the high street giant

Last month, UK-based designer Ashish released his new Topshop collection, this time unleashing a capsule collection of ski and snowboarding clothes covered in leopard print and tongue-in-cheek slogans. Ashish has collaborated with Topshop for several seasons now, and this new collection combines both function and style by taking technical skiwear to a whole new level with the range including a ski jacket, salopettes, sweatshirt, rucksack and bumbag all in a beautiful print, and lined with the softest of fleece as well as a selection of statement t-shirts with snappy ski-related puns.   

The designer first hit London Fashion Week runways back in 2004, fusing both eastern and western cultures together with his love of sequins, bright colours and eccentric prints. His clothes mix sportswear with glamour and the beautiful craftsmanship in his work has ensured his success and continued clientele. Ashish speaks to us about what it's like designing for Topshop and whose style he's admiring at the moment. 

Dazed Digital: What were the inspirations for this season’s Topshop collection?
Ashish: Ski instructors and 80s ski wear and Jackie Collins. 

DD: Why does animal print call to you, and especially this season?
Ashish: Animal print is so classic, I think it never really goes out of style. Also, I love how leopard print especially can be so luxurious but also really trashy at the same time.

DD: There’s still an element of fun to this collection what with the slogan tees, do you think it’s important for fashion to not take itself too seriously?
Ashish: I just think its nice to do something fun and easy and not so serious sometimes.

DD: You’ve designed collections for Topshop for several seasons now, what is it like collaborating with a high-street store? Do you feel you ever have to compromise your ideas for functionality perhaps?
Ashish: It’s always really exciting to do collections for Topshop, and its always a lot of fun. It never feels like a compromise, in fact quite the opposite because they have the most amazing resources and you can pretty much do anything you like. It gives me the chance to do things I might not be able to do for my main collection.

DD: Whose style are you admiring at the moment?
Ashish: Sophie Grabol as Sarah Lund in 'The Killing' - I love all her knitwear jumpers.