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SIXby6Bloggers: Exclusive Shoe Images

The footwear company launches a special blogger collaboration, featuring designs by Style Bubble, Man Repeller, Style Salvage and Facehunter, amongst others

Not only taking advantage of the current blogger elite's significant audience but also their sense of style is a clever move, and one that SIX, the fashion footwear company, was quick to pursue when the idea came up. The company, in conjunction with Farfetch, drew up a quick list of all fashion bloggers they wanted on board, and by the looks of it no one turned them down. Style Bubble's Susie Lau, Leandra 'Man Repeller' Medine, Style Salvage Steve Salter, Face Hunter, Cherry Blossom Girl and Caroline's Mode all came on board, lured in byt the idea of going to Portugal to design their very own shoe...

The result, six very unique and limited edition shoes, are here revealed on Dazed Digital and won't be officially launched until November 22. The high heels from the girls and the two boots from the boys all carry the characteristic qualitative signs of SIX footwear, having produced shoes for b Store, Ksubi, Swear and Opening Ceremony since 2001. But - and that's what makes this collaborative effort great - there's also traces of five unique and charismatic blogger minds in there as well!

Dazed Digital: How did you get involved in this project?
Man Repeller:
A couple e-mail correspondences, actually.

DD: Tell us about the inspiration behind the shoe?
Man Repeller:
I've wanted a navy suede bootie for a long time and just couldn't find the right one so when the opportunity presented itself I decided to go big. The burgundy cap toe and heel gave it a sort of timeless-Chanel vibe but I used the spikes to leave some signature quirk. They're man repeller shoes, after all.

DD: Are those studs practical, have you tried walking in them?
Man Repeller:
Yeah, they're fine you don't even feel them when walking. They're also good self defense tools.

DD: Are they suede? It seems like a nice contrast... luxe suede and punky studs... was that the idea?
Man Repeller:
Yes they are suede, and yes it was. Good eye!

DD: Which one of the other shoes do you like, and why?
Man Repeller:
I loved Susie's shoes because I think the design spoke really well to her aesthetic; interesting, complex, poppy.

DD: Tell us about your blog, what's a Man Repeller?
Man Repeller:
The blog is a fashion site about trends that women love and men hate. Its high fashion sprinkled over a healthy dose and hopefully some giggles.

DD: What's next for you?
Man Repeller:
Maybe a book, maybe.

For more info, go to SIX and Farfetch