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Exclusive Martine Rose x Icon Brand Film

The MAN designer used her S/S12 London Fashion Week show to launch a new collaboration... we have this exclusive film to prove it

Brit designer Martine Rose is on a roll. Having shown yet another critically lauded collection during London Fashion Week, Rose has put in sweat, blood and probably tears through building her relatively small but aesthetically focused brand. The London menswear scene might be small and restricting but it perfectly fits Rose and her clever sportswear and urbane tailoring. Having previously worked with two boot brands - Timberland and CAT - Rose moved in another collaborative direction for S/S12. Hooking up with Australian accessory label Icon Brand, Rose produced bandanas, pendants and bracelets which perfectly accessorised the collection. Besides talking to Rose about the collaboration, Dazed Digital also offer you this exclusive film, shot by Hidden Agency's Liam Gleeson...

Dazed Digital: How did the collaboration come about?
Martine Rose:
The collaboration came about the same way as all good collaborations come about I have found, quite organically.

DD: What was your relationship to Icon Brand before the collaboration?
Martine Rose: 
I had seen their stuff at Cube PR (we share the same press agency) and really liked it, but it wasn't until I was chatting through my ideas and inspirations for S/S12 with Cube that the suggestion came about that Icon Brand and myself should maybe work together as we shared a similar aesthetic and influences.

DD: How and why did it fit in with the rest of the collection?
Martine Rose:
Perfectly, it really underlined that skater/surfer vibe that had inspired the collection especially the wrist bands that I used on the boots. I felt that the bandanas embellished with Icon Brands trinkets took it all up a notch the result was really beautiful I thought.

DD: Tell us about the film - who did you work with?
Martine Rose:
 A brilliant agency called Hidden Agency. An absolute dream to work with, Liam is a visionary!

DD: What inspired it?
Martine Rose: 
Dogtown Z boys, in Crystal Palace! When we were discussing the ideas for the film we knew that we wanted to have something that was authentic, so although the film was very much inspired by Dogtown, we didn't want it to feel pastiche. It's definitely got a London vibe to it which was essential.

DD: Do you have a favourite piece?
Martine Rose:
The Pineapple print bandana embellished with hundreds of Icon Brands trinkets. It was so painstaking all of the pieces were hand painted with three coats of black enamel paint, because we really wanted a high gloss perfect finish. Each coat needed a day to dry so it was a very long process, not to mention hand stitching them all on. The result was so worth it though, it's got such a nice weight to it, that really jangles and catches the light... quite couture actually!

DD: What's next for you?
Martine Rose: A perfume line perhaps?