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ACNE x Daniel Silver

Launching today, the Swedish brand collaborated with the London-based artist on a series of colourful mish mash prints for the A/W season

Daniel Silver admires Acne's approach to art and to fashion, to life, and we have to happily agree. The London-based artist has designed the prints used in Acne's latest capsule collection, to be launched and exhibited tonight in London. In his work, Silver combines elements of the history of western sculpture with culture. Here, he has designed prints that bring together a mood of freedom and light with a wink. The collection's launch, whose pieces offered fantastic ideas about using colour unexpectedly and naturally, will celebrate the new look and feel of and will be sold exclusively at the Acne Studios store in London. We spoke with Silver as he prepared for the much-anticipated launch.

Dazed Digital: What is it most about Acne that you were thinking of when working?
Daniel Silver: My initial contact with Acne started through Thomas Persson, the Editor of Acne Paper, who is a close friend. I believe I was thinking very much about the way he works and the freedom that Acne allows the paper.

DD: What do you personally feel is the essence of Acne?
Daniel Silver: In my experience, Acne is a very open creative studio working similarly to a collective. This means there is a lot of input of different ideas, not just fashion. That seems to me to be the essence of Acne.

DD: What is your working method?
Daniel Silver: I like to collect things from around my working environment, from falling trees to fabrics, bring them to my studio, have them around me and try and make something of them. For the Acne collaboration, the fabrics came from shops around my studio in Dalston and samples that Acne sent me which I worked on like a collage, cutting and gluing, layering over and over until something came up which made sense to me.

DD: What are your thoughts about collaborations between artists and labels?
Daniel Silver: For me it has been a very rewarding experience seeing the different creative processes that go into making fashion as opposed to making art. I enjoyed very much being shown how Acne views my work, so for me it was a win win situation. I think with any collaboration it’s a very personal thing and largely depends on the individual people you work with. I was very lucky in the way that Jonny Johansson welcomed me in and understood my work.

The collection, whose launch is on October 11, will be sold exclusively at Acne Studios – 13 Dover St, London