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Kathryn Ferguson with Charlie Le Mindu


We discuss the dynamics of fashion and art on film with Konstantinos Menelaou, curator of Diane Pernet's new exhibition

A Shaded View On Fashion Film Festival (ASVOFF) is about to launch their first video art exhibition, called ASVOFF ART. A celebration of the evolution of the genre, it is set to shed some light on the intriguing world of fashion film. Diane Pernet's ASVOFF ART has commissioned three new video art projects, bringing together some of the most exciting video artists and fashion designers, with the brief of creating a celebrated piece of experimentation and daring. Artists Sergio Cruz, Kathryn Ferguson and Socrates Mitsio & Actually Huizenga collaborated with designers Alex Noble, Charlie Le Mindu and Simon Preen on the project and we caught up with curator Konstantinos Menelaou ahead of the exhibition to find out more.

Dazed Digital: Tell us more about the A Shaded View On Fashion Film Festival...
Konstantinos Menelaou‏:
ASVOFF is now in its 6th successful year. After a great year touring around the world (Japan, Australia and Europe) we’re back at Centre Pompidou on the 7th, 8th and 9th October with a great selection of short and feature films, special screenings, conferences and a great party where I will be DJ-ing with Diane Pernet, founder and curator of ASVOFF! This year the volume and quality of submissions have been of the highest standards. This edition of the festival will be the best and most exciting yet.

DD: How did the idea for ASVOFF ART first come about and why have you decided to launch now?
Konstantinos Menelaou‏:
It came about during one of our many conversations with Diane Pernet about ASVOFF, video art and fashion films and how dynamic the genre has become. ASVOFF has always shown work in galleries and museums, but with ASVOFF ART we wanted to go a bit further, to work with fine artists and to encourage the production of work that could be shown in a gallery space and not just in the theatre and the internet. ASVOFF ART is a platform for artists to meet, interact and work with fashion designers and create work beyond the limitations of the single screen.

DD: What do you hope to achieve with this exhibition?
Konstantinos Menelaou‏: Centre Pompidou is one of the best places in the world to view and be inspired by art and the host of ASVOFF for the last three years. I am so happy we were given the opportunity to debut ASVOFF ART in such a space. We hope that this occasion will be a good start to this division of ASVOFF and mark a series of many projects to come.

DD: How did you choose the artists and designers for the collaborative project?
Konstantinos Menelaou: ‏
I always look for diversity and for this exhibition I wanted to show as many different approaches to art and fashion as possible. Each one of the participating artists has a distinctive personal style. Kathryn Ferguson uses CGI techniques and creates beautiful unreal environments, Sergio Cruz combines video art and documentary and Socrates Mitsios & Actually Huizenga reference underground art cinema. The collaboration with the fashion designers came after a series of conversations I had with the artists. My aim was not to put matching styles together. What I wanted was for their collaboration to bring new elements to each participant’s work.

DD: Art and Fashion have long been intertwined, how do you think the growing genre of fashion film will affect this?
Konstantinos Menelaou‏
: The relationship between art and fashion has been the catalyst for the creation of ASVOFF ART. Fashion is a form of art and fashion films borrow elements from video art in order to enhance the aesthetic value of a collection and the artistic vision of the designer. A film or a video has the potential to elaborate on ideas, create new ones and bring out the essence of a collection. The evolution of the genre definitely brings fashion and art even closer.

DD: What makes a good fashion film? Do you have any favorites?
Konstantinos Menelaou‏: Originality, models with acting skills, powerful styling. I have so many favorite films.. but lately I’m obsessed with new work of Sergio Cruz, Kathryn Ferguson and Socrates Mitsios & Actually Huizenga…

Curated by Konstantinos Menelaou, ASVOFF ART at ASVOFF Festival, October 7-8 2011, at Centre Pompidou, Paris. for more details, click HERE