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Ter Et Bantine Womensear S/S12

Long flowing skirts, cropped trousers and thickly woven tops created a fuss-free chic mix of wearable looks on the runway

A sober mix of long layers, heavy tops and unsuspected peaks of skin, Ter Et Bantine continued to experiment with fuss-free chic. The collection consisted of plenty of cropped trousers, sometimes baggy, sometimes straight cut, embellished with black graphic and matching shirts of contrasting silk and rough cotton. Long flowy skirts were a recurrent item, often worn with thickly woven tops with a flared hem; strapless baggy tops came with a frontal zip, worn in a casual, effortless manner. Accessories were minimal but a shirt’s collar worn on its own appeared on models’ necks– the plain white cotton suggested a tomboy’s alternative to jewelry. The colour combination was key to the collection: greys with a hint of blue, occasional multicolored Harlequin skirt, whites – which, depending on the materials gave a different result, opaque at times, sheen at others. In a chiaroscuro effect, Ter Et Bantine seemed to explore and hijack classical feminine lines.