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Missoni Womenswear S/S12

Fresh and sexy asymmetrical dresses and leopard print with a twist added a fun dimension to the iconic brand's new collection

Flamenco is du jour at Missoni: think mid-calf asymmetrical dresses, plenty of fringes, off-the-shoulder crop tops and shawls, all in their trademark knit, opting for an aqua palette, later morphing into warmer reds and yellows. Leopard print, reinterpreted in gold and black sequins even further brightened the clothes.

For an everyday wear, a few casual silhouettes were also on show, composed of simple, chocolate brown short jackets, with mint-tinted elongated fringed top and cigarette cut jeans worn underneath. And for those in no need of casual pieces, multicolored, shimmery one-piece swimsuits, to be paired with matching earrings, were also an option.

Dazed Digital: What was the biggest novelty in the collection?
Angela Missoni:
It’s hard to say, as we are constantly trying to update our language, our vocabulary – but here were news colours, shapes, combinations that we were exploring. 

DD: Who is the Missoni girl portrayed in this collection?
Angela Missoni: She is a fresh girl, who is very sexy; she was probably up dancing early til in the morning. As for the influence, well, I was in Sicily for the summer, which is something you can see in the clothes!

DD: You have a long history, how do you remain contemporary?
Angela Missoni
: I interpret Missoni my way, and yes, Missoni has a long story, but it’s the same rich language that I’m developing and always exploring new things. My parents were explorers and inventors, so I just go for it.