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Krizia Womenswear S/S12

Tracksuit inspired pieces and oversized silk pleated rucksacks gave luxe sportswear feel at the Italian label

Krizia’s collection managed the unlikely combination of skateboard gear and femme fatale evening wear. The line worked this bipolarity throughout the show: knee and elbow caps rubbed shoulders with floor-length dresses with a side split, tracksuit-inspired jackets and oversized rucksacks came in silk pleats. The daytime wear explored the same contradiction: corset swimsuits paired with wide plastic belts, silver hotpants with silk, one-arm tops, PVC leggings and plastic belts alongside simple knee-length pleated dresses. A notable element was hybrid trousers midway between harem pants and riding trousers, bearing again the same contrast.

Dazed Digital: Why did you choose to experiment with sports gear?
Mariuccia Mandelli:
Well, it’s an element to have fun, but it’s also very pretty and works nicely within the collection. Krizia is about having fun too.

DD: What was the biggest challenge of the show?
Mariuccia Mandelli: Definitely managing to walk in those platform heels!

DD: And what is the biggest novelty of the collection?
Mariuccia Mandelli: Well, I kept the Krizia spirit, the animal motifs, but I experiment with the proportions; the colours too are new for me, they create a certain choc.