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James Small S/S12

Form fitting cuts, sheer t shirts and William Morris influenced floral prints created an air of sexy confidence on the catwalk

It was a packed house at the Vauxhall Fashion Scout space, hosted in the grand Freemason's Hall in Covent Garden, for James Small's show. The crowd included the likes of Kate Moss and Small's girlfriend, Fran Cutler, who cheered him along, especially pleased to see the addition of a very toned and shirtless model walking the runway. The collection was predominantly super clean and form fitting tailoring, shirts and very short shorts being the mainstay of the collection. Prints were used to great effect throughout, starting off with the majority being a series of William Morris influenced florals in a variety of colours.

Other print features included a camouflage version and an art deco influenced design. Matching was very much the theme of the show with shorts and shorts teamed in identical print to give the impression of an all in one. Back detailing on the shorts was also a feature throughout in the form of plackets and cinch buckles. Sheer t-shirts also made an appearance, giving a sexier edge to the already fitted collection. Alongside the strong series of shorts was a standout long tailored loosely cut jacket in navy and later in khaki. Worn open, the jacket accentuated the mood of the whole collection, which was very much about a man encompassing and confident in his own sexuality.

Dazed Digital: Could you tell me about the inspiration for this season?
James Small: This collection is called ‘Drop Out’ and was inspired from Art College days, when everyone had their own style and were able to express creativity in what they were wearing.

DD: What led you to team matching shorts and shirts?
James Small: These are the real showpieces and I think it just makes much more impact to pair them up.

DD: There was a quite louche feel with the sheer and the revealing nature of some of the pieces. What was the reference for that?
James Small: Its really all about that relaxed, romantic attitude of being free to wear whatever you want, and to be as creative as you like.