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Dominic Jones S/S12

Gothic elements and the decadence of the 1930s inspired tough chokers and sophisticated pendants from the jewellery designer's latest collection

Presenting his new collection of fine jewellery in the company of members of The XX, the younger Casely-Hayford and the inspiration that is Alice Dellal, Dominic Jones took things in a gothic direction with a nod towards the decadence of the 1930s. Beautiful explosion like rings, produced in the highest quality gold, accompanied elegant and sophisticated pendants, tough chokers, solid arm clasp pieces and shirt collar point pins, all drawing on the majestic regal feel of cathedrals and their architecture for his inspiration. Moving things forwards the collection is perhaps more grown up than in previous seasons, offering something to both the younger fashion forward follower, as well as the more sophisticated buyer. New band The Alpines performed in the upper rooms of Somerset House to accompany the presentation, and Dominic also premiered his new film. 

Dazed Digital: What inspirations were you looking at?
Dominic Jones:
It was all based on the internal structuring of cathedrals, the pillars, columns and plasterwork. I was really interested in the forms and shapes, the repetition and the gothic elements that are always present in those beautiful buildings. It was also a bit art deco in the shapes, I felt there was an aesthetic connection between all of that.

DD: How about the colours?
Dominic Jones: The whole mainline collection was done in all four colourways, so it was black gold, yellow gold, rose gold and the original. I then expanded the other line to involve semi precious stones, so we have smoked quartz, opals, garnet, straw quartz, and that line is all solid silver and then black gold plated.

DD: When you're designing do you have someone in mind?
Dominic Jones: That is really the point of the look book this season, it is showing a selection of my muses and people that I admire. For instance we have the members of this new band that I am obsessed with, The Alpines, Orlando Weeks, Tallulah Harlech, Florence Welch, Cara Delevingne and quite a few others.

DD: Is there an emotion that sums up how you felt when you were designing this collection?
Dominic Jones: I think this series is a lot more grown up than in previous seasons, a bit more elegant and a bit more feminine.