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Ashish S/S12

Floral printed pieces were mixed with Doc Martins, straw hats and dark lips for a punk meets prim mismatched aesthetic

The master of the sequin produced a 90s feeling and grunge inspired collection this season, with florals throughout and loose fits contrasted against body con silhouettes, giving a mix and match, nonchalant aesthetic. Bead work was seen alongside the signature sequins, loose contrast printed trousers and a super wide leg denim all offset his statement pieces.

Bomber jacket were a recurring theme coming up in a umber of different patterns, cardigans were teamed with loose shorts featuring a rope tie waist and sleeveless tailored jackets all added a punk feel. Straw hats seemed to be the headwear de jour, also seen at Jaeger, and the whole collection was offset with each girl walking the runway in heavy Doc Martin boots, embellished with dried flowers sticking out of their laces.

Dazed Digital: What was the inspiration behind this season?
Ashish: I was feeling A little bit romantic this season so I thought I would do flowers because its Spring Summer. Its not the kind of thing I would normally do but it was the mood I was feeling.

DD: There seemed to be a really nineties grunge inspired feel as well...
Ashish: I think it was unintentional actually, I wasn’t even referencing any 90s but yeah I think it did come through from somewhere. I was looking at old crockery and scarves and old weird florals, loving that mix and match feel. The boots were really about toughening it up a bit because otherwise it could get a bit sickly.

DD: Where did the moon and star motifs come from?
Ashish: Well, for some reason the collection actually ended up being a bit pagan as well, there was this weird kind of farm girl that had this slight pagan element to her that interested me. This collection was actually quite experimental for me.

DD: Did you have someone in mind that you were designing for?
Ashish: The girls that I work with really are really cool and quite casual. Dressing up isn't about spending hours, it's about slipping into a dress and sticking on some boots. Everything has zips and pockets, it looks quite dressed up but its super easy.

DD: You also brought in a sportswear element this season...
Ashish: I really wanted to bring a chic sportswear feel that was really relaxed. That came through with the bomber jackets, really comfortable and slouchy but at the same time dressed up.