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Calvin Klein Collection Womenswear S/S12

Francisco Costa brings out yet another clean-cut, simple and refreshing collection of long and slim silhouettes

As one of the three main shows on Thursday, Calvin Klein Collection was always going to get a lot of attention. Luckily, creative director Francisco Costa deserves the spotlight and his vision for Calvin Klein's Spring Summer 2012 collection was another clean-cut, simple and serene outing of dresses, cropped jackets and coats. Using mostly nude and beige tones, Costa produced a long and slim silhouette using floor long dresses - some with intricate pleating, others in creased fabric.

Tuxedo coats appeared several times in either grey or off-white shades. Quite a few of the dresses were kitted out with a deep front bip made out of a silk mesh, giving the show a visually coherent detail. Towards the end a few shimmering and shiny fabrics popped up but the overall aesthetic was one of pure innocence and typical Calvin Klein elegance...

Dazed Digital: What was your inspiration source this time around?
Francisco Costa:
I started with a pre-Raphaelite spirit, I wanted the girls to really natural. Feminine but erotic at the same time.

DD: What is about the re-Raphaelite spirit that you like?
Francisco Costa
: There was a sense of discovery at the time. It was an interesting period because photography came just after, and I kept looking at the photographer Aldridge's work. He did a series of bathroom pictures that featured a lot of nude. Very feminine, very voluptuous.