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Ralph Lauren Womenswear S/S12

The all-American designer focused on a 1920s look with an elegant and chic series of eveningwear pieces in embroidered sequins

The king of everything American took to the stage on Thursday morning, the last day of New York Fashion Week. It might not have been the last show of the day, but certainly one that everyone paused and paid attention to. After a few seasons of Western-inspired collections, Lauren looked back in time for his S/S12 show. Focused on a 1920s silhouette, he showed an elegant and glamourous collection. Using pastel colours like green, yellow and blue, Lauren sent out cashmere T-shirts, silk blouses and thinly knitted cardigans. The middle section was all about a Boardwalk Empire-influenced style; pinstriped and double breasted suits teamed up with club collar suits and ties. Instead of feeling dated, Lauren showed that true style never goes out of time. The last part of the show was dedicated to a elegant evening wear. Long and slim white silk dresses were crowned by 20s-styled hats and long necklaces. Except for white, the other main colour was silver, either as a shimmering fabric or as embroidered sequins. All in all, it was stellar Ralph Lauren collection... larger than life, just like the man himself.