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Jeremy Scott S/S12

The US-based designer goes hillbilly for his latest collection with stonewash denim, cactus prints and crotch-less chaps

Jeremy Scott is one of the true stars of not only New York Fashion Week, but the whole business. A) Not many designers get the kinda love from the audience that Scott receives. They cheer before, during and even harder after the show, giving him enough fuel to take a full lap of honour around the catwalk and get away with it. B) He's also a star because he really wants his clothes to make the person wearing them shine, for him it's all about empowering them. Girl power, for want of a better expression. C) And most importantly, he puts on a show. Colour, sex, glitter, logos, outrageousness, humour - his collection's got it all!

For Spring Summer 2012 that meant a cowboy/hillbilly/farmer theme with Xtina-inspired chaps, lots of stone washed denim, cactus printed dresses, gun holster belts and Adidas trainers with cowboy boot shafts, and dungarees... everything you need for a day on the (city) farm. But, as always, there's another side to a Jeremy Scott collection, besides the kitsch and humour: sex. There were lots of crotch-less chaps showing bare ass, both male and female. Low cut dresses in metal mesh showed as much as they covered up...

Dazed Digital: What was the starting point for this collection? 
Jeremy Scott:
It was all about growing up on a farm and playing the archetypical icons from that through the Hollywood cinema, like the hillbilly look and the Li'l Abner cartoon. 

DD: Did you have anyone in mind when designing the collection?
Jeremy Scott:
The girl who doesn't know she's gorgeous and hides her figure underneath a potato sack.

DD: How did you translate that on to the catwalk?
Jeremy Scott:
Bandanas, true denim, and the a little south west hint with the cactus print. 

DD: Any fave pieces from the show?
Jeremy Scott:
The potato sack dress in metal mesh because it reperesents that idea, the bombshell girl who's looking farm trash.

DD: Did you grow up on a farm yourself?
Jeremy Scott:
Yeah, Clinton, Missouri, an hour outside Kansas City.