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Victoria by Victoria Beckham Womenswear S/S12

The emerging designer takes her newest line in a girly, fun and feminine direction with quirky prints and delicate detailing

On Tuesday afternoon, with Harper, her fairly new born baby in her lap, Victoria Beckham talked a handful of journalists through her new line, Victoria by Victoria Beckham. In the penthouse flat of Milk Studios, she calmly explained the reasoning behind the expansion, what fabrics were used and why, and the general aesthetic of the collection. "I want this to be accessible to all people", she said, "but it's not a diffusion line, it's a designer collection. Having spent a year developing it "to get it absolutely right", the new line is "very girly, feminine and fun!" Beckham said there was a lot of humour in the collection and that it "challenged her inner girl".

What we saw was roughly 20 looks strong collection of dresses suitable for everything from parties, work, red carpet duties and lounging around on a Sunday. Clever pocket details, cute bow ties and childish prints added to the experience. Designed for the collection, the prints contained moons and cats on another few dresses (also Harper wore the cat print, of course). A nice detail was the rounded scallop pattern that gave a few of the pieces a nice character, the colour palette was black, pink, blue, off white and a strong green. Victoria's personal favourite, a giant Faberge egg she called it, was a three yarn jacquard dress in blue and gold. Very striking. "It's not complicated or fussy", Beckham explained, "it's about a modern and more relaxed attitude towards clothes". Indeed.