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Diesel Black Gold Womenswear S/S12

From biker jackets to snakeskin trousers, the catwalk was awash with bold shimmering metallics, providing a strong opulent aesthetic this season

Back at Pier 94 for a rundown of Diesel's high fashion vision for next summer, it wasn't so much a question of either Black, Gold or a combination of the two. Instead, head designer Sophia Kokosalaki went with silver and loads of it. Whether it was mirror-like biker jackets for the boys or flared snakeskin trousers on the girls, most pieces came in a shy and shimmering silver nuance. The metallic shades in came in a few other colours as well, most notably green and bronze, but it was the lighter versions that impressed.

All the silver leather was skilfully teamed up with light pink and purple shades for a light and bright summer vision. Beige and navy section also worked really well with the over riding theme, which was complemented with a few hooded neoprene pieces. All in all Kokosalaki continued her powerful reign at DBG, giving the brand a strong and standout aesthetic for Spring Summer 2012...What more could Renzo Rosso aslk for?

Dazed Digital: How would you describe the collection?
Sophia Kokosalaki:
 It's a sporty, joyful and summery collection and we used a a few high-tech developments to make it a bit more opulent and contemporary.

DD: How did you treat the leather?
Sophia Kokosalaki:
We printed mirrors and foil on the leather, but we wanted it to be fun rather than conceptual.

DD: What about the colours...
Sophia Kokosalaki: It's a little bit of the early 80s in the colour palette. It works well with the little bit preppy style as well. It's like a techno version of Ralph Lauren!

DD: Do you have a stand out piece from the collection?
Sophia Kokosalaki: I think they explain each other in a way, as a sum it makes more sense... it's a collection!