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Diane Von Furstenberg Womenswear S/S12

Entitled 'Beginnings', the new collection was based around turquoise and earthy brown colour combinations whilst her signature prints also reared their graphic heads

Wearing a brooch with two American flags, Diane Von Furstenberg, backstage as per usual, drew and wrote down the message on a bit of cardboard before her show. 'Be Strong, Be Beautiful, Be YOU', her message said, with a smiley at the bottom. It's difficult not to be mesmerised by the legendary designer when spending time with her ahead another of her catwalk collections. For Spring Summer 2012, the 'Beginnings' collection boasted stunning colour combinations through beige garments with turquoise details. Earthy brown shades shared the stage with strong peaches and electric blues. As expected there were plenty of larger-than-life prints, either on the abstract side or of a floral nature. The last few pieces, blue and white flower patterns on a sequinned jacket, were the highlight. DvF didn't disappoint, everyone left strong and beautiful.

Dazed Digital: What was the main inspiration behind the collection?
Diane Von Furstenberg:
The inspiration was Africa... but not colonial Africa and not safari Africa but an Africa of today. Africa today is so many things, one side it's so strong and suffering so much but they always look so beautiful and so elegant. I can't help being inspired.

DD: What brought you to Africa in the first place?
Diane Von Furstenberg:
It's also the centre of the world and the beginning of the world, which is why the collection is called 'Beginnings'. The aim is also to promote hope, light, happiness and beliefs.