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Edun Womenswear S/S12

The environmentally and ethically conscious label mixed African prints with traditional floral patterns and flowing silhouettes

Ali Hewson and her ethically sustainable fashion label (it's not often you see those words in one sentence and like the look of it, but Edun makes it work) took over NYC Fashion Week on Sunday morning, using their usual West Street location, next to the Hudson River. We were treated to an array of clashing and patterns and prints, focused on red and blue colour palettes. Dresses, tops and trousers all came out in a mishmash of Western floral prints and African patterns. This was neutralised by cropped and singularly coloured jackets. Underneath the outerwear the silhouette was flowing through long tunics and loose trousers. Towards the end, Hewson toughened up a bit, sending black bomber jackets and garments with perforated holes and inserted metal rings.

Dazed Digital: What was the general idea and starting point behind the collection?
Ali Hewson:
With this collection what we wanted to do was to make it joyous, fresh and contemporary. We took iconic floral prints and superimposed them with traditional African prints. That's where you see all that contemporary style mixed with dip dyed indigo hand crafted pieces from Mali, which are all special to us. 

DD: How would you sum it up?
Ali Hewson:
It's a feeling of Africa but in a contemporary way.

DD: How come you went to Africa for print inspiration?
Ali Hewson:
Well, that's our mission really, to work more and more with African print trade. We want to grow our business there.

DD: Any stand out pieces for you?
Ali Hewson:
The indigo pieces, the blue jump suit for example, are my favourites. They're feminine but with an attitude.