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DKNY Womenswear S/S12

The iconic New York designer proudly brought out a blazing collection in the colours of the American flag on flowing silk shirt dresses

Showing on 9/11, Donna Karan dedicated her collection to not only the memory of the everyone who lost their lives but also the survivors, the families, the rescuers... to all New Yorkers who defied the terrorists and stood united. The collection was a colourful and charged affair. Blue and red stripes and floral prints testified to the American flag, and other loud colours - most notably an almost fluorescent pink - added joy and life to the show. All models wore big hats and the silhouette was flowing, helped by silk shirt dresses. A tweed section came in purple and pink, adding a new take on a traditional fabric. All this while the Yeah Yeah Yeahs blared out 'New York, New York...' it was a fitting tribute from the Queen of New York style.

Dazed Digital: What was your starting point?
Donna Karan
: The starting point was American Artists like Jasper Johns and Elsworth Kelly.

DD: What's the sentiment behind the collection?
Donna Karan:
It's about looking to the future, feeling happy, feeling alive, feeling that there's a sense for tomorrow. An American freedom.

DD: Is that where the red and blue stripes came in to the picture?
Donna Karan:
 Yeah, that was from the American flag!

DD: Has showing on this day influenced the collection?
Donna Karan:
There is a dress in this collection that we showed in that collection ten years ago. We didn't really think about it until recently. It was a natural thing. It was a difficult day, living with the remembrance and being at a fashion show... our show ten years ago was on this very day as well...

DD: Is there a piece that stands out to you?
Donna Karan:
Not a piece but the collection shows that America chose freedom and that freedom can be seen in the clothes!