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Tommy Hilfiger Menswear S/S12

The American prep legend added pop art to his list of inspirations and showed a collection of camouflage prints, loud colours and stripes

Had he been British, Tommy Hilfiger would surely have been knighted by now. Just like Sir Paul Smith and Dame Vivienne Westwood, Hilfiger has an aesthetic that's been pushed long and far enough to become iconic. But - and this is important - he also manages to constantly refresh his ideas and keep himself moving forward. For his Spring Summer show on the scorchingly hot High Line, this meant a continuation of last season's 'rock prep'. This time around we saw toned camouflage prints in white and beige, blue and grey, and purple and red combinations. The print came out on trousers, jackets and coats. Other predominant patterns included stripes - both horizontal and vertical - on just about all sorts of garments.

Like last season, even suit jackets and formal trousers had stripes somewhere. Hilfiger also went to town with colours this time around; purple outfits, red leather, denim suits and yellow and beige combos. This, with a few sporty anoraks and a more formal section á la smart suits and check trousers meant that once again Tommy Hilfiger managed to find the balance between the unexpected and the expected.

Dazed Digital: What was the general idea behind the collection?
Tommy Hilfiger:
My collections are always about preppy but this season I wanted to make preppy more modern, inspired by contemporary art. I looked towards artists like Andy Warhol and Basquiat, the kind of artists I collect myself.

DD: How did we see that on the catwalk?
Tommy Hilfiger:
The Warhol-inspired camo print, the colour blocking, the Rothko stripes...

DD: Do you have any of the Warhol camo artworks?
Tommy Hilfiger:
No, but I have other pieces by him.

DD: Do you have a favourite piece in the collection?
Tommy Hilfiger:
The navy blazed with leather varsity sleeves! 

DD: How would you describe this collection compared to the previous one?
Tommy Hilfiger:
Last season was 'rock'n'prep' and this was pop'n'prep...

DD: Where do you generally go for inspiration, art or music?
Tommy Hilfiger:
Music has been my main inspiration for years but art is becoming more dominant for me. It holds so much colour but also holds meaning behind it that can be revolutionary.

DD: I suppose art is also more visual than music...
Tommy Hilfiger:
Yes, but music can also be visual, there are loads of similarities. However, art at this moment in time has more depth, I think.

DD: Any contemporary artists that you particularly cherish?
Tommy Hilfiger:
Damien Hirst, Rothko, Lichtenstein, Keith Haring... and have you heard of Mr. Brainwash?