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General Idea Womenswear S/S12

South Korean designer Bumsuk Choi invited his guests to visit St. Tropez with him, using orange and turquoise shades and lots of stripes on his signature M65 jackets

Sharing time and space between New York and Seoul means that South Korean designer Bumsuk Choi can bring bits of his native culture to a new scene and a bit of the metropolitan NYC to his home market. But for his Spring Summer collection, shown at Friday lunchtime at the Lincoln Center, Choi added a third geograpchical aspect to the mix. Inspired by summer in St. Tropez, General Idea came out as a colourful and cheery collection. As often with General Idea, the show mixed army influenced elements with preppy details - and this around Choi also played around with knitwear, showing great cable knit tops and shorts.

His 'beach boys' also wore double breasted jackets in orange, shirts in turquoise, and plenty of stripy tops, some with graphic patches. Adding in a few neutral beige tones, army green and black, there were plenty of pieces that can by now be seen as staple General Idea looks; M65 jackets, parka coats and button down shirts made up of different fabrics and colours. 

Dazed Digital: What inspired the collection?
Bumsuk Choi:
Last season I travelled to St. Tropez last summer. I liked the colours over there... the sun going down in the evening and the way the ocean looked, the blue shade.

DD: So that's where all the stripes fit in as well?
Bumsuk Choi:
Yeah, they're inspired by the yacht culture down there.

DD: But you've kept some of your signature army jackets and coats. Not very St Tropez. How did you make that work?
Bumsuk Choi:
I transform my usual pieces like the jackets by using the different colours. So it's the same but different!

DD: Do you have a favourite piece in the collection?
Bumsuk Choi
: I really like the knitted shorts and jumper combination in blue and white, look number 10!