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Tokyo Rising: Exclusive Film

Palladium Boots and US producer Pharrell Williams collaborate to shine a light on the creative classes of Japan's capital

Casting our minds back to March, we are reminded of the devastating tsunami and nuclear explosion that threatened to tear apart the will of a nation. In response to the awful events, Tokyo’s creative community are attempting to take action in lifting the spirits of the Japanese population, seeking resilience through innovation. Palladium Boots have joined forcs with acclaimed artist/producer Pharrell Williams in order to create a forward-looking A/W11 campaign aimed at assisting and redefining a new creative age in Tokyo, and to bring something positive out of the recent tragedies.

“I find great inspiration in Tokyo from the people,” said Pharrell Williams. “To me, the way that the Japanese people regard life and culture is completely unmatched. Tokyo is my second home and I jumped at the chance to come back and reconnect with friends during the exploration.”

Watch this exclusive Dazed Digital clip of Tokyo Rising, as Pharrell puts on his boots to explore the city's creative reprise