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Copenhagen Fashion Week S/S12: Jean Phillip

Focused around Nordic melancholia, the designer showed monochrome looks with coated fabrics and broken hemlines

Jean Phillip is one of those designers who's on a constant journey of growth and that gets better for each collection and season. Having not attended fashion school, Jean Phillip decided to launch his own label  of monochrome but layered clothing that carries a strong identity of Nordic melancholia a while back. He tends to work in leather and coated fabrics, but this time he added broken hemlines to emphasize the independent spirit of a Samurai.

Dazed Digital: Where does your inspiration come from for this collection?
Jean Phillip: The inspiration came from the south, the Samurai, and his amour and independence as a man, and I developed it in a darker though softer side of him, the way I see him...

DD: How have you grown since your last collection?
Jean Phillips: The material choices have chanced for the better, more tailoring, and grown a better eye for the details in the garments. This season we have developed different washes for the garments to evolve and look, somehow worn and loved.

DD: Does CFW give you a good platform for international sales?
Jean Phillip:
In some way it does, as the show gives people around the world the chance to look at my work, when they see the videos and runway pictures on the web and blogs. The sales are done in Paris during the Menswear Week, where Copenhagen is more of a media Fashion Week for us, as almost all buyers come to us in Paris.

DD: Tell me about the location and set up of the show; how do they tell the story of your collection?
Jean Phillip: The location is City Hall, the centre of Copenhagen. Its big old, and beautiful building, the setup is dark, and black, and tells a story of a man who has fought his way through the night.

DD: What impact would you like to give?
Jean Phillip: Look and vibe that tells people another story, tell them something new... isn't that what fashion is all about?