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Alias at Vintage Festival

Last weekend, Dazed ventured down to London's Southbank to delve into fashion's past and to look for the new faces of Theo Fennell's new jewellery line Alias

For our fifth and final foray into scouting for a suitable ambassador to become part of the family for Theo Fennell’s new silver jewellery line, Alias, we found ourselves taking a step back in time – and away from the mud of this year's festivals – for Vintage at South Bank, the follow up Vintage festival to its successful debut at Goodwood last summer.

As we arrived at the steps of the South Bank we discovered that Vintage markets, hair parlours and themed bars and restaurants had taken over the surrounding public area and observing dressed up festival goers merge with the usual assembly of tourists and skateboarders made the whole scene look slightly surreal. More surreal however, was the inside of the Festival Hall. Spanning the decades from the 1920s through to the 1980s, the six floors of the famous venue were transformed into lively adult play areas. With 80s disco shows (showcasing what appeared to be impromptu choreography) appearing next to pop-up boutiques, dance sessions and fashion shows, it was a festival appealing to everyone from the casual vintage admirer to the hardcore devotee.

And despite fashion initially appearing to be the main draw of the festival, the evening was seamlessly handed over to ten individually themed clubs, offering everything from mod, soul and rockabilly to disco, ska and electro. Designed to capture their original ambience, the festival imitated classic venues such as The Blitz Club and The Beat Route, which saw people dancing into the early hours, before slipping off to one of several Vintage after parties. Throughout the day we got chatting to some of the partygoers to find out why the vintage scene is bigger than ever… Check out some of the Alias cast that Dazed & Confused chose at our 'Open Road' project section and read about their experiences....