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Topshop Edited by... Katie Shillingford

Dazed & Confused's Senior Fashion Editor picks her favourite pieces from the high street giant's new collections, as part of the 'Edited By…' space in London and Manchester

In August, Topshop's Oxford Circus flagship store will be launching their 'Edited By...' space, featuring hand-picked selections from various influential figures in fashion. The concept kicks off with Dazed & Confused’s Senior Fashion Editor and long-term Topshop collaborator Katie Shillingford - where her eclectic style and experimental approach to fashion brings a diverse range of Topshop pieces together. Selecting key pieces from the store’s main and premium lines as well as Topshop Boutique, the guest editor presents her items alongside her chosen music playlist and a personal selection of books and magazines.

Dazed Digital: How did you get involved in the Edited project?
Katie Shillingford: As I've been working with Topshop for a few years now we're good friends! They explained the project to me and I thought it sounded like a pretty fun task. Kind of like having my own shop for a bit. I jumped at the chance!

DD: Will you be incorporating the 'Dazed' look into the range or is this more about your personal style?

Katie Shillingford: I don't know whether there is a Dazed look but I would say that since I've been working at Dazed for six years now, I fit into whatever the 'Dazed look' is! I don't think about things too much and do what I feel is right. I think it's about being impulsive and going with your gut. If you try too hard with style it becomes contrived... and that's never very cool.

It's funny because there are some looks in my selection that are quite classic and preppy but then there are others that are crazy bananas. I love both. I think it depends on my mood.

DD: Do you think the collection reflects your own sense of style accurately?
Katie Shillingford: Pretty much. I looked at their collections and thought about what I would buy and wear personally, not really for someone else. Maybe me... but with better/longer legs!

DD: What is your favourite piece from your selections?
Katie Shillingford: The yellow Satchel bag!

‘Edited By’ will launch both in-store and online at the existing Edited space on 286 Regent Street and in the new Edited space in the Manchester Arndale store on 2nd August for a two-week period, with new guest editors taking over the space every month.